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Our diverse customer base includes in Marine companies, Oil field companies and industrial companies so we need to provide every customer with access to the best people, equipment and solutions in the industry, understanding customer needs we have come with facility as Equipments rental and Staffing work force.

Sl.No. Model Product Description Image
1 Zx7-400 Arc Welding Power Source Zx7-400 (Internal Model: PE40-4001 is a whole digital arc welding Machine based on the technologies of DSP, fussy control, wave form control and adaptive control. Suitable for acid electrode, low Hydride basic electrode and heat resisting steel electrode, etc. Rated input voltage 3-380v, Rated input Current 11-28A, Rate Input capacity 17 kw, Current adjusting range 12, 1-400A, Net weight-38kg Size 560x300x530
2 WTU-307 FRONIUS UAS LLC That's the three phase WTU 307 manual electrode welding rectifier. Application: from shipyard to boiler construction. Output: 5-300 A, Input : 3x230v, 3x400v Generator-compatible for mobile use Main force protection- 20 A-35 A, Remote Control facility, TIG DC , Weight: 95 Kg Display: Welding Voltage ( 20-32 V)
3 SRH-500 MILLER Superior arc welding performance provides outstanding stick welding and eliminates the need for re-welder. Remote amperage control re detach- can easily connect. Electric amperage control – provides reliable and infinite Precision amperage control of time-tested, dependable technology two wide amperage ranges for fine adjustments allows exact control of weld amperage. Rated output : 500 Amps at 40 VDC, 35 % daily cycle , Welding Amperage range : 45-250, 60-500 Max OCV : 75, Amps input at rated Output 220V-103 A /380 V- 60 A ,Three phase , 50/60 hz 440 V- 51 a, Dimensions : H – 768 W-572 D -908, Weight 342 Kg,Easy-to-install running gear has large wheels for smother mobility. Built in hot start makes it easy to start difficult-to-start stick electrodes, such as E6010 and E7018,Superior 6010 stick electrode performance offers reliable paddle control with roof, full-penetration welding.
4 DGW-Series Shindaiwa (Sound proof) Diesel Engine Generator/welder DGW 400 DM-415 A Welding DC Generator-Welding mode DC side A and Side B-Stick Welding Side A MIG Only Rated Output - 12.9 /13.9 Kw Rated Current - 370/390 A Rated Voltage - 34.8/35.6 Volts Constant Voltage CV-Cc High Generating Performance 15kva, 1x20 amp 3 phase outlet 3 x 15 amp 240v Outlets Earth leakage protected super silenced 58db(a) Quietest in the world Compact and Height Weight 482kg, 1519x700x760 mm economical(ECO)mode (2100 rpm) -Low Noise prolonged Engine Life 10 % less Fuel consumption Capable of 220 amps on single use, 4 mm Rod Remote Control facility Optional remote control on single Operator Side A only
  • Full range output voltage control for easy operation and precise control.• Standard analog ammeter and voltmeter
  • VRD™ (Voltage Reduction Device™) reduces OCV (open circuit voltage) when not welding for added safety (select models)
  • Mode switch for selecting desired output characteristics
  • 115V, 15 amps, duplex auxiliary power receptacle – (60 Hz models) makes it easy to power lights, grinders and other shop tools at your work station. Input Power : 230/460/3/60 Processes : Stick, TIG, MIG, Flux-Cored, Submerged Arc, Gouging
6 Migatronic LDU 450 Voltage(V) - 220 - 440, Primary Current(A) - 68 - 34, Fuse ( Slow) - 63 - 35, Cable Area (mm2) - 4x16 - 4x10, Rating KVA - 26 - 26 Setting range - 70 A/23V- 400 a/ 36 V, Permitted Load - at 35 % duty factor - 400 A/36 A, at 65 % duty factor – 340 A/34 V, at 100 % duty factor –250 A/30 V, Dimensions and width-610, Depth-655, height-110, Weight approx(kg) – 160
7 LHE 400- ESAB welding Rectifier Voltage(V) - 220 - 440, Primary Current(A) - 68 - 34, Fuse ( Slow) - 63 - 35, Cable Area (mm2) - 4x16 - 4x10, Rating KVA - 26 - 26 Setting range - 70 A/23V- 400 a/ 36 V, Permitted Load - at 35 % duty factor - 400 A/36 A, at 65 % duty factor – 340 A/34 V, at 100 % duty factor –250 A/30 V, Dimensions and width-610, Depth-655, height-110, Weight approx(kg) – 160
8 FIAC ITALY AIR COMPRESSOR 10 HP + 10 HP (DOUBLE HEAD & MOTOR) - High performance at low running speeds. - Cast iron cylinders.- Reduced vibrations, which also reduces the noise level. - Total absence of oil leaks thanks to the special constructional shape of the single-piece casing - Oil level inspection glass.- Synthetic oil to ensure improved lubrication of moving parts- Balanced sizing of the pumping unit, electric motor and capacity of the tank.- Epoxy powder painting to guarantee perfect and lasting wear. Max pressure : 10/145 bar/ps, Volt/ Hz 400/50/3, A 8:5, In pwr 20 kw Kg : 350, Out pwr : 15/20 kw/HP l/gal : 900/237.8, cfm 150
9 Hydroblast
10 Air blast Concave head and conical bottom allows easy filling and easy flow of all types of abrasives.
  • Heavy duty pop-up valve to give quick response to pressurization.
  • Lifting eyes for easy mobility.
  • Mobility all machines mounted on large rugged wheels for easy manoeuvrability on site.
  • Working pressure of 12 bar.
  • A full range of abrasive metering valves are available.
  • Standard fitted with: -RCV-125 pneumatic operated Remote Control System incl. DMH-125 Deadman Handle and 20 meter twin-line control hose c/w couplings.
  • -Clear line Moisture Separator to prevent the entry of moisture and oil from the compressor into the blast pot.
  • All machines are CE approved and supplied with full international test certification
11 Fans
12 Paint Spray Machine GRACO Xtreme Spray high solids and 100% solids coatings under the toughest conditions
  • Designed with NXT Air Motor technology, tested and proven to last 10 times longer than the Graco King
  • DataTrak monitor for material tracking, system diagnostics and runaway control
  • De-icing model reduces downtime due to freeze-ups
  • Capacity : 5600 psi
13 Containerized Genset IVECO
14 Hydraulic Pumps eLLIOTT TOOL TECHNOLOGIES Elliott's hydraulic pumps are used to power the Collect Style Tube Tugger, Cyclgrip Semi-Continuous Puller, Tube Tuggers, and Stub Tugger. The hydraulic pumps' compact design is ideal for use in confined work areas. Other key features include an integral gauge, protective roll cage, and hydraulic quick disconnect. Catalog Number M5776-00, Pump Type: 230 Volt w/ Pendant, HP : 1.13, Maximum Operating Pressure : 10000 PSI, 700 Bar, Power Requirement 15 amps @ 230V, Weight : 88Lbs, 39.95 Kg
15 Drying oven / storage / welding electrode 0 - 400 °C GBC Hoven FE4 DGT for welding electrodes has a digital thermometer in combination with a cycle programmer to be able to automatically complete a drying cycle, or it can be manually set on the control panel FE4 DGT, which is a different program used for normal heating. The FE4 DGT AUTO Version has an automatic safety door latch that stops the door from being opened prior to the internal temperature dropping to a safe level for the operator. The Hoven has separate shelves that can be adjusted for various electrodes sizes/composition as per ISO rules
16 Husky 2150 Air-Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps Husky 2-inch pneumatic double diaphragm pumps offer larger ports for increased flow, along with a patented, high-reliability closed center air valve that is online serviceable.
  • 2 in (51 mm) ANSI end-porting
  • Fluid flow up to 150 gpm (568 lpm)
  • Fluid pressure to 120 psi (8.4 bar, 0.84 MPa)
  • Lube-free operation
  • Epoxy-coated air section for tough environmental conditions
17 Hydraulic Flushing Unit Flushing units are used to clean hydraulic systems. By flushing a new hydraulic system before bringing it into operation, expensive breakdowns are avoided. Our flushing system creates a high flow combined with high pressure, which in turn creates a turbulent flow in your hydraulic lines that eliminates contamination.
  • Flushing Medium: Mineral Hydraulic oil 300 L/min.@ 45 bar (maximum)
  • Flow: 200 bar (maximum pressure)Fully Adjustable
  • Tank Capacity: 2000 Lit (Separate Reservoir)
  • Dimension:3,200 x 1,800 x 1,720
  • Mass: 1,000 Kg (Excluding Flushing Media)
  • Filter in Pressure Line: 3-10 µ
  • Filter in Return Line: 3-10 µ

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Performance of craftsmen is very important as they are the frontline people shaping physical deliverables. Mark Ships treats their craftsmen very professionally and in healthy environment to allow them to perform at their best.
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Steel Fabrication division is a full service metal , industrial tank cleaning, surface preparation, painting, Read More....

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